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We are immensely grateful for every 5-star review we get. It’s a reflection of our team’s dedication to making our school environment and every single class a 5-star, world-class experience. Those 5 stars help us continue to make a difference in our community through the power of martial arts- couldn’t live without them.

We believe in greatness here at WUTA Tae Kwon Do Centers, and hope that our reviews section reflects that. Please leave us a 5-star review if you’ve seen improvements in attending our classes!

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Do you Love Our
Tae Kwon Do Classes?

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Special Thank you To These Awesome Students That Already Left a Review

"Master Yun is great, awesome, lots of patience and" very kind hearted.”

"Best Taekwondo masters in TX!"

"Master Cho has been phenomenal with my family. You will not regret joining the school!"

"Master Cho is a very caring and loving teacher who thrives on his love for TKD and kids along with passing along his knowledge."

"Master Yun is very dedicated and very professional. He is very approachable and caring." His passion for Taekwondo stands out and it’s very admirable even if you are new to the Martial Arts world.

Reviews | WUTAL Taekwondo Centers - Katy

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